Stefano Dall’Acqua

Multi targeted natural compounds as antiviral and antinflammatory agents: discovery of new therapeutic agents against COVID-19

Stima finanziamento per attuazione del progetto: 30.000 euro

The goal of the project is identification of antiviral and anti-inflammatory Natural products to be used in the therapy of COVID-19 disease. We have selected more than 200 chemical entities belonging to seven different classes of natural compounds reported to be active against SARS-CoV-2 or other viruses with different mechanism of action. All the selected compounds present also anti-inflammatory activity. The compounds are available in our lab, easily obtainable by isolation or commercially available. Some of the compounds are artemisinin, glycirrizine, abietic acid, betulinic acid, friedelanol, tomatidine, allicine, curcumin, biorobine. Compounds will be tested for anti-inflammatory and anti viral activities using initially in vitro models in collaboration with Czech Republic research group in Brno. Scientific objectives are the identification of new drugs useful in the treatment of COVID-19 acting with antiviral and antiinflammatory mechanism of action. The identification of multi target compounds able to act on the two significant aspect of COVID-19 disease namely inflammation and viral infection.