Ines Testoni

Domestic violence and feminicide during Covid-19: survey for the definition of lines of pychosocial and community intervention

Required budget: 25.000 euro

A first phase of the project is aimed at analyzing the national and international legislative framework underlying the psychosocial interventions connected to domestic violence (Domestic Violence-DV) and violence from the partner (Intimate Partner Violence-IPV). The purpose of the current project is to detect the extent to which the phenomenon has increased and the levels of suffering experienced by the victims during the health emergency, thus involving significant stakeholders (agencies/institutions, social services, networks of anti-violence centers, international observatories, associations aimed at monitoring missing people). This will also have the purpose of recognizing strengths and weaknesses of the regulations on prevention and treatment of domestic violence against women, also starting a parallel mapping of the strategies of support offered by anti-violence centers, monitoring their use and evaluating their efficacy by means of reports by institutions and non-governmental organizations and, also, by means of semi-structured interviews with privileged witnesses (policy makers, employees of anti-violence centers, ONGs).

Moreover, the needs of women both during and after the quarantine period will be assessed through the aforementioned interviews, with the purpose of sketching out and promoting intervention strategies to process trauma through psychodrama.

The final objective of the current project is therefore the implementation of specific policy recommendations and innovative operational tools able to facilitate calls for help and support to women who were victims of domestic violence during the pandemic or during similar situations, and, in parallel, the planning of a HorizonEurope project involving the national and international networks, in particular DIRE and CEDAW. The expected cost for the whole 2-year project is 60.000 euros.