COVID-19 Emergency 

Coronavirus research

The University of Padua is at the forefront of defeating the pandemic with its coordinated projects and research studies.

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on the epidemic

Updated project data on the covid19ita epidemic.

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Many resources are needed to map out and block the spread of the pandemic, and to find more effective treatments as well as assisting patients, you too can contribute.

«The entire planet is experiencing a crucial moment in facing the Covid-19 pandemic. This dangerous enemy is capable of spreading quickly without borders. But the virus can be stopped and defeated, with an equally global weapon, the power of science. And that’s why the University of Padua has launched a fundraiser to support research.

With a simple click we can help the work of the scientific community who are strenuously committed to analysing the virus by understanding it and fighting it. The relentless work that our University sees is at the forefront in making its own contribution by putting in place the deep scope of research that we are universally recognized for.

In the spirit of maximum collaboration, we have also made our laboratories available to the Veneto Region for the analysis of the tests that are being carried out and that will continue to be carried out. But in the fight against Coronavirus we can all do our part, together we will overcome this challenge, and we will emerge stronger and more united.»

Rector Rosario Rizzuto

Medicine in Padua

The School of Medicine and Surgery boasts a long history of anatomical and clinical studies that have revolutionized medical science. With a renowned history and current internationally recognised awards of excellence, researchers from the medical sciences of the University of Padua are at the forefront in fighting the SARS-CoV2 virus.

Since becoming the first in Italy to develop the test to detect the presence of the new Coronavirus in humans, in just three hours, those who conduct research are now engaged in the comprehensive study of the virus for the development of treatments and a vaccine to end the pandemic in the shortest possible amount of time.

Rassegna stampa

Le ricercatrici e i ricercatori dell’Università di Padova stanno lavorando, a vari livelli, a studi sul nuovo coronavirus Sars-CoV2. Questi studi e le dichiarazioni delle scienziate e degli scienziati vengono riportati ampliamente sui giornali e sui servizi televisivi dei telegiornali. In questa pagina trovate solo una selezione della copertura dei media nazionali ed internazionali.

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Trend of the epidemic in Italy

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